Infographic showing practitioners and researchers collaborating to reduce natural hazards and disaster impacts
Infographic showing practitioners and researchers collaborating to reduce natural hazards and disaster impacts

Impact360 Alliance develops tools for researchers and practitioners to elevate convergence, build inclusion, and enable problem-solving together to reduce natural hazards impacts and disaster risk.

Impact360 fosters the convergence of researchers, practitioners, societal needs, and resources to catalyze problem-focused professional alliances that inclusively design evidence-based solutions for natural hazards and disasters.

Our vision is an activated and sustained needs-based cycle of knowledge-to-action and action-to-knowledge among a more integrative community of natural hazards and disaster professionals.

How We Can Help

We can support you through coaching, facilitation, training, and networking services for strengthening researcher-practitioner connections. integrating research and practice, and solving natural hazard and disaster problems together.

How You Fit In

We are a member-based organization. If you are a practitioner or researcher working in the natural hazard and disaster fields, join us to strengthen your connections, promote integrative approaches, and inclusively solve problems.

Our Pillars

Elevate Convergence

We elevate the capacities of researchers and practitioners to connect, communicate, cooperate, coordinate, collaborate, and cocreate to address problems of natural hazards and disasters.

Build Inclusion

We support researchers and practitioners to build diverse, problem-solving alliances and equip them to unleash each others’ superpowers for reducing natural hazard impacts and disaster risk.

Enable Problem-Solving

We integrate consensus building, joint fact-finding, systems thinking, and human-centered design methods to enable researchers and practitioners to work better together solving natural hazards and disaster problems.

Researchers and practitioners sharing collective knowledge in meeting

Impact360 believes in the power of the collective knowledge and experience of researchers and practitioners.

Become a Member of Impact360 Alliance

Do you believe solving problems related to natural hazards and disasters requires researchers and practitioners to collaborate and co-create better? If so, Impact360 Alliance wants to connect with you, whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or both. Impact360 members get access to multiple free benefits to help them connect with researchers and practitioners, integrate their approaches, and solve problems together.

“I have served as a broadcast meteorologist for 40 years, and clearly understand physical science is not enough to do my job effectively, especially during times of dangerous and life threatening weather. Impact360 Alliance is the organization we have been waiting for; it brings the interdisciplinary approach we desperately need to be successful. Those in leadership, and on the steering committee, are visionaries that will bring actionable knowledge to practitioners. Knowledge that can result in more lives saved. ”

James Spann, CBM
ABC 33/40

“The Impact360 Alliance is an exciting outgrowth of efforts by government, academic, business, and non-profit leaders who are passionate about improving society’s response and resilience in natural hazards. Having watched the idea grow from before it had a name, I am thrilled to see the reality it has become. I have no doubt this organization, and the fantastic people who support it, will make a difference.”

Lans P. Rothfusz
Former Deputy Director of NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory

“In the United States the work of disaster risk reduction will never be accomplished solely by the private sector, nor will it be a production solely of the government. There is (and has for a very long time) been the need for interlocutors, experts who can bring scientists and other experts together with practitioners, policy makers, and citizens. It's work we all believe in, but balancing expertise with participation and representation (i.e. democracy) is hard, unrelenting work. I am confident that the Impact360 Alliance will be a crucial leader in this work.”

Scott Gabriel Knowles
Professor of History, Drexel University  |  @USofDisaster

“In the summer of 2019, our natural hazards community had the chance to see Impact360 Alliance in action. Their use of graphic recording, storytelling, and other creative approaches to facilitate information sharing helped promote new conversations and connections between researchers and practitioners. This is how enduring change becomes possible.”

Lori Peek
Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder

"Working with Scott and his talented team at Impact360 Alliance was an absolute pleasure. They were collaborative, agile and innovative and treated us as true team members. Experts in their field, and always ready to try new things, they took on new approaches, such as webinars, with ease, and made them an instant success. We greatly enjoyed the partnership and would welcome an opportunity to work with them again in the future."

Laura Stockwell
CEO, Big Thinkers Society

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