We are seeking a few dedicated professionals to serve on our steering committee. The steering committee provides guidance and feedback to our Director and works on initiatives that further Impact360’s pillars, growth, and success.

Steering committee members are expected to dedicate at least one day per month on average to participate in committee communications, working group activities, and organizational development and promotion.

We are looking for energetic researchers and practitioners in any field working to reduce natural hazard impacts and disaster risk who are passionate about fostering research-practitioner connections, research-practice integration, and inclusive problem-solving. We are also looking for non-profit management and human-centered design professionals that are enthusiastic about Impact360’s work.

If you are interested in being considered for our steering committee, please contact the steering committee Chair, Joe Trainor, at jtrainor@udel.edu. Let him know who you are, why you’re interested, and how you can help Impact360 succeed. Know someone who might be interested? Please let them know about this opportunity!

Due date: January 31st. (Selections will be made in mid-February.)


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Reducing natural hazard impacts and disaster risk requires better communication and collaboration between researchers and practitioners. We want to hear from you: What are the challenges and victories you encounter with integrating research and practice in your work?

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