Have you seen our recent social posts about Disaster Drinks? It’s not instructions on how to make frozen hurricanes, mudslides, or a flaming volcano cocktail, although those would all be great drinks to try out at one of these events! Instead, we are trying to encourage practitioners and researchers to get together for happy hours.

One of our three pillars is cultivating professional relationships to expand researcher and practitioner capacities. Communication is essential for collaboration, so what better way to do this than meeting up after work for a drink? Disaster Drinks is an opportunity for you to meet with others in the disaster and natural hazard fields. It provides a relaxing atmosphere where co-workers and partners can meet up and see where connections can take them professionally. 

On a recent tweet posted about Disaster Drinks, we were amazed to discover how many after-work happy hours were already in existence. We learned there is a New York City IAPs and IPAs (@IAPs_and_IPAs), Cocktails and Contingencies (@IAPsandIPAs_DFW) in Dallas-Fort Worth, a National Capital Area IPO one in DC, a Front Range Emergency Managers Meetup in Colorado, another in Atlanta and also in Portland. If you have one, we’d love to know about it. Or better yet, tweet us a picture of your event to @Impact360A, and we’ll share it out!

Several people reached out to us who are interested in starting Disaster Drinks in their area. Here are some ways we can help you get the ball rolling.

  1. Impact Enhancements: We can work with you to help bring new partners on board or help you make the most of events by recommending ice breaker activities, games, and other support.
  2. Email List Hosting Services: Impact360 can support communities through web hosting email lists, to enable communication about events to all invitees. We would also make sure that you or a colleague are administrators and able to send emails to the group.
  3. Promotion of Events: We can help get the word out to local partners that have potentially been unaware of previous events. Through advertising on social media, Disaster Drink events can be more inclusive and incorporate partners that haven’t always been there.

Interested? Reach out to us at info@i360a.org and learn more about how we can help.


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Reducing natural hazard impacts and disaster risk requires better communication and collaboration between researchers and practitioners. We want to hear from you: What are the challenges and victories you encounter with integrating research and practice in your work?

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