Building capable teams to solve wicked problems on natural hazards and disasters takes work.

I’ve worked on plenty of projects where I heard someone say “the same ten people.” They’re referring to the challenge of not having the same people on the team each time you work on a new project. Consulting teams often just consist of private sector practitioners working for government practitioners. Researcher teams often just consist of academics from similar disciplines or who have similar interests.

Impact360 believes that reducing natural hazard impacts and disaster risk is best done through inclusive problem-solving that involves both researchers and practitioners.

As I highlighted in a recent blog post, I’ve heard from many researchers and practitioners who feel their networks with their counterparts need to grow. We know that many researchers and practitioners don’t have strong professional connections with each other. So one of our pillars is to strengthen those connections.

We can help researchers and practitioners find each other and connect, whether to build a more capable team or get a question answered. 

You may wonder how Impact360 can do this any more efficiently than I can with an internet search or networking platform like LinkedInHere are a few reasons.

1. Internet searches and existing networking sites have significant gaps and limitations. They don’t often tell us what researchers or practitioners do, such as the hazards they know most about, their subject matter expertise, or the methods they use. We have developed an extensive directory of researchers and practitioners that is specifically organized and tagged to inform connecting the right researcher to the right practitioner for a given problem.

2. We are fully dedicated to the integration of research and practice. Finding the right connection takes more effort than just “friending” someone and sharing updates on projects. Strong connections should help us do inclusive problem-solving by involving missing researchers or practitioners who can improve understanding or generate more creative solutions.

3. Impact360’s network is large and energetic. Through our years of experience in the natural hazards and disaster field, we have developed meaningful relationships with researchers and practitioners. We have personal connections with emergency managers, hydrologists, geographers, meteorologists, anthropologists, and psychologists, as well as researchers and practitioners from many other disciplines that work on natural hazards and disasters. We can provide a personal introduction that may increase the likelihood that a new connection with a researcher or practitioner helps you solve your problem.

4. We want you to focus on the important work that matters to you. Impact360 works to enhance researcher and practitioner capacities. We know that you have a lot of work to do because you work to solve wicked problems. We want you to have the choice to prioritize that work while we focus on finding you the right researchers and practitioners to help you reduce natural hazard impacts and disaster risk.

To get support from us to find the right researcher or practitioner connection, use the Connection Request Form. Let us introduce you to researchers or practitioners that can help you with the natural hazard and disaster problems you are working to solve.

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