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Do you want to work together with other researchers and practitioners who want to better solve natural hazards and disaster problems? If so, become a member of Impact360 Alliance. 
Impact360 is fostering an alliance of researchers and practitioners who collectively want to strengthen their connections, integrate their approaches, and inclusively solve wicked problems. Click To TweetIf this resonates with you, we want you to join us.

Through researcher-practitioner convergence, we can increase our capacity for solving wicked problems. Convergence means coming together as disaster professionals and engaging with each other in productive ways. The benefits Impact360 provides now and in the future are aimed to support just that. 

So, what are the benefits of joining Impact360 Alliance right now?

The most valuable member benefit is being able to convene occasional inclusive problem-solving planning workshops at no cost. Impact360 staff facilitates these remote workshops to familiarize you with our inclusive problem-solving toolkit Toolkit360 and apply it to your work. The output of a remote Toolkit360 planning workshop is a high-level strategy for incorporating inclusive problem-solving into a current or proposed project or initiative. You can include this output into a research grant proposal, a consulting project bid, a request for proposals, or a project plan for an ongoing project. (There are a few eligibility criteria for convening a free Toolkit360 planning workshop with us.)

If you join Impact360, we can assist you with connecting to other disaster professionals, whether you are looking for a researcher or practitioner. We have a well-tagged directory of thousands of researchers and practitioners put together from public information and personal communications. If you’re looking to get a question answered, get input on some work, or get a new team member, we can make it easier for you to find the right person. We also keep track of grants and other funding opportunities, so in some cases can also connect you with resources to fund your inclusive problem-solving project.

Members also receive our monthly newsletter and occasional announcements of valuable opportunities or resources. Recordings of past webinars, useful guides, and reports of completed initiatives are available for members. Members can participate in our webinars, which include conversations with researchers and practitioners like yourself, as well as brief Toolkit360 training sessions.

We will be rolling out more member benefits in the future. But we couldn’t resist getting the word out now. What benefits are on the horizon? How can you find out when we start offering these benefits?

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