In June, Impact360 Alliance launched our first Toolkit360 Testing Cohort. A group of 11 natural hazards and disaster researchers and practitioners will meet once a month until September to use and critique our inclusive problem-solving tools

We created a cohort for three reasons:

  1. To create space for researchers and practitioners to build stronger connections by meeting, forming relationships, and learning from one another. 
  2. To ensure that we’re consistently creating our inclusive problem-solving tools with our community, their needs, and approaches in mind. 
  3. To encourage collective problem-solving by opening the tool development process to our community. 

Impact360 has already learned a lot. 

The cohort is made up of researchers and practitioners from across the country. They are students, professors, consultants, government, and non-profit employees. And their journeys to their current positions include many disciplines and lived-experiences that bring such rich material for discussing problem-solving. 

Cohort members are generous. They share their current challenges and reflections on howToolkit360 may or may not fit their circumstances. And if our tools don’t fit their situation, these incredible folks have suggestions for other ideas of what we might consider. We’re so grateful for their energy, ideas, and time. 

We’re planning to launch another cohort in the fall. And we hope you’ll consider signing up for it. It’s a three-hour per month commitment, and in exchange for your time you will receive:

  1. New researcher and practitioner contacts 
  2. First looks at Impact360 material 
  3. Activities and tools you can apply right away in your own work
  4. An opportunity to co-create our tools and materials with us
  5. Little Impact360 surprise gifts mailed to your home

Interested in joining a future cohort and meeting new folks while building Toolkit360 with us? Sign up, and we’ll reach out to let you know how you can assist us.

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