Our team at Impact360 Alliance has virtual meetings quite frequently. We arrange our thoughts on various subjects, plan workshops, and develop tools for inclusive problem-solving. During these meetings, we have regularly used Miro to help us as we think through ideas and concepts. 

While Impact360 is an entirely remote team, you may be staying away from the office and still working from home during the pandemic. Using an online shared tool while working on projects could be beneficial to conceptualize your group’s ideas.

For those unfamiliar with Miro, they describe themselves as a “collaborative online whiteboard platform designed for remote and distributed teams.” It is great for brainstorming, mind mapping, strategizing, and so much more. It is better than a standard whiteboard. You can upload images, add and arrange as many sticky notes as you desire, leave notes for other team members, and choose numerous templates to assist you.

I admit the learning curve was a little steeper than I expected for this virtual whiteboard. It took some time to get used to using the sticky note feature. Scrolling around the board, looking for where I was supposed to be, was frustrating. There was a lot of “wait; how’d you do that?” 

So, it should have been no surprise that when we decided to invite Impact360 cohort members to work with us using these features that they too would run into issues. After realizing where problems were popping up, I decided to put together some Miro tutorials.

I constructed a simple board and used it to create eight lessons. If you are new to Miro, these short tutorials start from learning how to move around the board for beginners and progress to creating your boards using frames. Whether you learn best from watching a video, listening to someone explain the situation, or reading, I’ve got what you need.

The next time your team needs to think through an issue remotely, give Miro a try. You may be surprised at its effectiveness for helping you think more clearly and organize your thoughts better.

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