Member Eligibility for Free Toolkit360 Planning

    • The convener of a Toolkit360 planning process must be a member of Impact360 Alliance and reside in North America.

    • The convening member can't have convened a planning process in the past 6 months. (But can be a non-convening participant in any number of prior planning processes.)

    • The request must be problem- or project-specific.

    • The project idea must be interdisciplinary or integrative and deal with natural hazards or disasters.

    • The convening member must be the team lead or otherwise be empowered to make relevant decisions.

    • Some consideration of funding or viability must already be done. (We can assist.)

    • The convening member must complete all requested pre-work (e.g., survey questions).

    • The convening member and initial participants must commit to the entire planning process to get any outputs from the process.

    • The convening member and initial participants must agree to work in the open. (Not sharing intellectual property or competitive ideas but sharing how we worked together.)